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Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest (John 4:35)

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Decision is an evangelical non-profit organization committed to the promotion of Christian values and the communication of the message of Jesus Christ, demonstrating its relevance for today's society.

Our purpose is to serve those people and churches which seek the advancement of justice, peace, liberty and hope, which includes the social arena as well as the spiritual, developing projects which serve the needs of the human person from a complete and integral perspective.  We understand that our mission is to bless the world with the God's love, therefore we work in social, cultural and religious initiatives.

With this vision, we undertake activities which promote the solidarity, the unity, the culture and the growth of God's people.  In addition, we offer resources to strengthen the work of the churches, we investigate and inform about the new necessities of the mission; we organize International Gatherings of Working in Harmony focused principally on youth, and we realize training courses and evaluations.

In order to achieve this goal, we collaborate with all of the denominations in the fulfillment of activities which promote unity and the growth of God's people.  In addition, we offer resources for evangelism, we investigate and inform about the new needs of the mission, we organize evangelistic campaigns, we put on training sessions in evangelism and discipleship, and we provide counsel in the field of pioneer work.

As an entity, we are registered with the Ministry of Justice with number 2952 SE/A and we are members of the Protestant Federation FEREDE.

Training in evangelization

Training in the campaigns

Donating blood (Aranda Amiga 2004)

Evangelism in the street (Onda Amiga 2004)

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