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Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest (John 4:35)

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We distribute the following movies on DVD by World Wide Pictures and Karma Films, but only in Spain.  The price is 18,00 € per DVD, not including shipping costs.

The covers are in English as the producer hasn't yet translated them.  The languages available are Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and in some cases, German.

World Wide Pictures

Karma Films

Last Flight Out

An intense story of rescue and romance.  Dan is hired to rescue the daughter of his boss, his ex-girlfriend, whose remote Colombian village is being terrorized by a drug runner.

Something to Sing About

Love changes people in this story which will make you sing, laugh and think.  Tommy wants to get his friend Smooth off the street, but first he will have to win his heart.


This is the true story of Joni.  At 17 years old she was left a paraplegic in an accident.  She wanted to die, but she found a reason to live.

The End of the Spear

Based on the true story of five missionaries who try to befriend the Waodani, a tribe living in the jungles of Ecuador, in 1956.  The five men are speared to death, but the subsequent events change the lives of the men's families and the tribe, showing the power of love and forgiveness. (In theaters in 2006.)

Road to Redemption

Amanda Tucker needs money urgently.  The only person who can help her is a rich distant relative, but to get the money, she will have to go fishing with him.

The Climb

Two great mountain climbers form a forced friendship in order to accomplish their last summit.  A film which delves into that which pushes us to improve ourselves.

The Hiding Place

The true story of a family which fought against the Nazi evil with the only weapon they possessed: love.

highlighted this month


Biography of Martin Luther, the priest from the 16th century who wanted to Church to reform.  An action drama which takes place in one of the most revolutionary time periods in history (the transition between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance) and shows how the beliefs of a single person can change the world. (In theaters in 2003 in the USA and 2005 in Spain.)

A Vow to Cherish

John and his wife face Alzheimer's disease.  The pain provokes fears, but can lead to the victory.

The Ride

Smokey Banks, a professional rodeo rider, has wasted his life through drinking and gambling.  Now he has to ride the ride of his life.

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