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Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest (John 4:35)

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Decision makes available the following Training Programs in Evangelism:

(8 hours)

A basic course in which the principles which we find in the life of Jesus are explained, applied to personal relationships.  Many times we confuse evangelism with the large campaigns and public activities, but we all know that personal relationships are the most effective way to share our faith.  The large events have their place and importance, but they cannot substitute for the personal testimony of daily life.  This course will help you to discover the best way to make use of personal relationships to share your faith.


(40 hours)

This course is based on the conferences and workshops which the best pastors, theologians, evangelists and servants of God expounded in the International Congress of Evangelism Amsterdam 2000.  It is a course prepared by the training department of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and it intends to give a complete and exhaustive training in evangelism, for leaders and laypersons who desire to specialize in this field.

(8 hours)

How do you share your personal testimony?  How do you explain the gospel?  How do you communicate your faith effectively and simply?  Jesus was capable of communicating his message in a simple and clear manner.  Sometimes we tend to complicate things and make the simple to be difficult.  This course gives the fundamentals and the tools which make sharing the gospel practical and direct.


(32 hours)

This course prepares the professors who teach the Course for Training in Evangelism.  It is a course which has in mind pastors and evangelism teachers.  Its Master's Guide sets the guidelines and establishes the criteria which allow for the development of an extensive training in the most attainable format. c/ Mequinenza, 20; 28022 Madrid; Spain  Tel. (+34) 91-742-79-11 Site Map