Testimony of Karen ● Zaragoza 2008

The Decision campaign has been a lovely experience in which we have had time for everything, to have fun, to witness and talk to other people about Jesus' love, and time to listen to and nourish ourselves on God's Word.  In this campaign God has spoken to me clearly and has shown me that I don't have to be content with what I am or what I do, but rather I have to set goals and purposes in my life in order to continue growing more in Him and in that way be able to bring His Word to more people.

One of the parts of the campaign which I liked the best was the time of the mini groups, because I was in an environment of a lot of trust since there were just four of us girls and the fact is that I could open myself up a lot and receive a lot of what God had to tell me.  I also loved being able to help and work in the Bible Festival, because sharing God's Word with the children is something very special and many times I found myself surprised by the interest which a child could come to have in the stories which we were telling them, and this encourages you and makes you realize that now you are simply sowing, but some day these seeds will grow and produce their fruit.

Therefore I encourage everyone to try this experience some time because it is something incredible and the fact is that it has been a great blessing in my life in all of its aspects.

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