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Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest (John 4:35)

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ON LOCAL TELEVISION – We encourage you to take advantage of special occasions to give and to broadcast movies on local television and in community centers in your cities, offering at the end a copy to those who solicit it.  Some local television stations offer the time free, given the social purpose of the project, and others charge something.  Nevertheless, even paid, the result will be very interesting.  Decision has the rights for the broadcast of all of these movies in Spain.

IN COMMUNITY CENTERS OR THE CHURCH – The International Days of the United Nations are also a great time to show a movie related to the theme in the community centers of the city or the credit unions, even in the church.  In the same way publicity can be distributed in the street and friends can be invited to attend.  Any time of the year is good to prepare for these places a SAMPLING OF PROTESTANT MOVIES.  During 3 or 4 days movies would be shown which have a Christian content and which provide the opportunity for testimony.  In addition to Decision's movies, we can get the broadcast rights to others such as "Chariots of Fire", "Luther", "End of the Spear", "Bonhoeffer", etc.

IN HOMES AND "HOME GROUPS" – Another alternative is to invite friends to your house to drink coffee, see a movie and have a discussion about the theme.  "Home groups" which are already meeting might also take advantage of this opportunity for testimony.


Examples of movies to broadcast on local television and in community centers

International Holocaust Remembrance Day
(January 27)

Broadcast of the movie "The Hiding Place" and a church campaign to distribute tracts promoting the broadcast and tolerance.

World Alzheimer's Day
(September 21)

Broadcast of the movie "A Vow to Cherish" and a church campaign to distribute tracts promoting the broadcast and assistance to the sick.

International Day of Disabled Persons
(December 3)

Broadcast of the movie "Joni" and a church campaign to distribute tracts promoting the broadcast and choosing life in light of the advance of euthanasia.

PUBLICITY: Decision can provide publicity tracts of these movies for a modest price.  Or you can use a photo of the DVD in order to prepare for yourself the publicity which will be distributed on the street to promote the broadcast.  Look at the model at the left and adapt it to your church.

summaries of these and other movies

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Now in Theaters (2007): End of the Spear

Click above to view our resources related to the movie:

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* Questions for dialogue
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