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Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest (John 4:35)

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Discipleship is vital for Christian maturity.  Jesus not only commanded us to preach, the goal which he proposed was "to make disciples."  Many content themselves with "making converts", but conversion is only the first step in the Christian life.  Without discipleship there will only be immaturity and, in the long run, dissatisfaction.  Therefore, discipleship is one of the emphases of Decision's ministry.



Decision distributes and teaches the Navigators' Discipleship Courses (in Spanish).  You can see the contents of the six courses at the right, and the workbook covers at the left.



There are 60 cards with key verses (in Spanish) to carry in your pocket, purse, car or hang on the mirror.  They are easy to manage and useful to achieve the much-desired objective of "keeping the Word in your heart".  This is the best ally of a good discipleship.



There are basic questions which every new believer asks: How to know God?, How to follow Christ?, How to share your faith?  Each one of them finds a response in these brochures (in Spanish), which are a first tool which we can use to help someone who has just begun his Christian life.  They are brochures to do together and to work alongside the new believer, but they are also appropriate for cell groups, home meetings, Sunday school classes, etc.

You can acquire these materials in our online store: workbooks and verses and brochures.  All of these materials are in Spanish.


Navigators' Discipleship Workbooks

1. The New Life in Christ
• God is interested in you
• The person of Jesus Christ
• The humanity of Christ
• The work of Christ
• The Spirit who lives in us

2. The Christ-Centered Life
• The obedient Christian
• The Word of God in your life
• Conversing with God
• The fellowship among Christians
• Witnessing for Christ

3. Walking with Christ
• The lordship of Christ
• Toward maturity in Christ
• Faith and the promises of God
• Knowing the will of God
• Serving others

4. Christian Character
• The calling to a fruitful life
• Genuine love in action
• Purity in life
• Integrity in the daily life
• Character in practice

5. Fundamentals of the Faith
• Who is God?
• The Holy Spirit
• The authority of the Word of God
• Spiritual warfare
• The return of Christ

6. Growing in Discipleship
• The obedient Christian
• Responsible stewardship
• How to help others find Christ
• A world vision
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