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Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest (John 4:35)

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In the campaigns ("Jornadas Internacionales de Convivencia" -- roughly translated as "International Gatherings of Living Together in Harmony"!), the following types of activities take place: SOCIAL, SPORTS, CULTURAL and TRAINING.


The campaigns are a magnificent opportunity for civic participation.  We seek out ways to collaborate with City Hall so that the participants can serve as volunteers to address specific social needs, as an selfless contribution to the host city, which also serves as a training experience.

We organize a blood drive in collaboration with the Brotherhood of Blood Donors or the Red Cross, where the campaign participants take part by donating and/or by encouraging the whole city to participate.

As examples of civic participation, when we did the campaign in Palencia, City Hall entrusted us with recuperating the floodplain of the river, cleaning various areas of papers and cans.  In Osuna (Seville), City Hall solicited volunteers to paint the municipal cottage, which was full of graffiti, and others to visit two municipal nursing homes to spend time with the elderly.  In Onda (Castellón), the group collaborated in the clearing out of an area of the castle where an archaeological work had been completed.  In Salou (Tarragona) they recovered two coves of the beach where the city's cleaning trucks could not enter.


Sports constitutes the best medium to develop a healthy lifestyle.  During the campaigns, we put on a basketball clinic and a tournament, directed by trained coaches who know how to integrate good technique with the proper attitude.  Differentiating between healthy competition and that which degenerates into violence, and motivating personal discipline and effort as the only valid paths to success, are some of the objectives of this activity.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (see photos above)

Although the Spanish society considers itself to be Christian, there exists a great lack of knowledge of the Bible.  Few people have read it.  Being the key book to understand our culture and values, many believe that reading it is only for specialists and that only with difficulty would they be able to understand something of it on their own.  These prejudices, along with the low index of reading which exists in our country, contributes to the fact that the Bible is an ignored book.

As part of the campaigns we do a "Bible Festival for the Family" which intends to promote Bible reading and to popularize its content.  Through crafts, games, puppets and music, based on important Bible characters, children and parents are motivated to discover the great Bible stories and the values of humankind and nature which derive from them.  This cultural activity takes place in the main plaza or a centrally located park in the city.

With the same focus, but for an adult public, we also do gospel concerts, theater productions, and summer cinema.

TRAINING ACTIVITIES (see photos above)

The youth who participate in the campaigns, just the same as the rest of Spanish youth, suffer from the bombardment of the communications industry and the typical pressures of that age, which leads them to make many decisions which will affect the rest of their life.  Designer drugs, alcoholism, perverse sexual behavior, anorexia, bulimia and many other detrimental practices enter their thoughts as alternatives to find happiness.  It is vital, in light of these pressures, to teach them to evaluate and choose that which truly is worth the cost and has a lasting value.

A significant part of the time during the campaigns is dedicated to training the participants, such as training in various areas of the Christian life and spirituality, putting special emphasis on the practical application of the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Through workshops, dialogue groups and conferences, themes are developed in an interactive manner, with the objective of integrating the values of God's Word into their personal, community and social lifestyle, pointing to Jesus Christ as the best model to imitate.

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